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Second Nature

What if everything... FLIPPED?

A woman and man compete in an unusual race for mayor when gender roles magically reverse!


Starring: Collette Wolfe,

Sam Huntington




Beta Test

A video game tester is forced into a live game of murder and run.


Starring: Manu Bennett, Larenz Tate, Yuji Okumoto, Linden Ashby


The Gift

In 1970 at the height of the Vietnam war, a career military man faces a crisis when his son draws a low number in the military draft, just as the tide of public opinion is turning against the war.



Starring: David Drummond,

Riley Neldam

The Mauri Island Incident

Before Roswell, there was The Maury Island Incident. On June 21, 1947, Harold Dahl claimed he saw six flying discs off Maury Island, Washington.



Starring: Tony Doupé,

Allen Fitzpatrick, John Patrick Lowrie, David S. Hogan

Matt's Chance

A darkly comedic tale of love, revenge, and the fickle nature of human morality.


Starring: Edward Furlong,

Lee Majors, Bill Sorice,

Edi Zanidache, with, Margot Kidder, Brandy Kopp, Edward Michael Scott 

and Gary Busey


The world's first narrative live-action short film shot with Google Glass. A young man breezes through his day enjoying the benefits of Google Glass without any awareness of the true cost of his blind faith in technology, revealing a disturbing yet all-too-believable glimpse of the future.



Starring: Charissa Adams,

Scott C. Brown, Anna Alausen, Jamie Hunsdale, Conner Neddersen, Christian Telesmar


The Penitent Man

A young psychologist is confronted with an unbelievable story that could shake the foundations of science. Could it be true?


Starring: Lance Henriksen,

Andrew Keegan, Lathrop Walker, Melissa Roberts, Adrien Gamache



That Night

A slacker wants to get her life together, but the party just never ends.




Tamara Paris, Shelley Reynolds, Lauren Weedman

Featuring: Kip Fagen, Christian Reiser, Cara McMahan


13th Christmas

DRAMA of a young girl dealing with her emotions about her alcoholic father.


Starring: Jessica Wallenfels,

Krisha Fairchild, David Tom, Ryan O'Neill, William Moreing



I am a Director of Photography, DP, Cinematographer, Videographer, Camera Operator based in Seattle, Washington.  I shoot Feature Films, Commercials, TV shows, Sketch Comedy, Documentaries and Corporate video.  Cameras include Canon C300 mk2, Sony A7s. My Grip truck is loaded with Dollys, Camera Jib, HMIs, Fresnels, KinoFlos, Lite Panels, Overheads, #SeattleDirectorOfPhotography #SeattleVideo #SeattleCinematographer #SeattleCameraMan #CameraMan #DirectorOfPhotography, #Cinematographer

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